Ikeya-Zhang COMET near M31 Andromeda Galaxy April 2002 --> Microwave Refraction in its long waxy tail [filamental] --pertaining to the 4th Dimension?

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Bending light - REFRACTION producing an optical illusion???

Ever reached down into the bath tub water to grab a hair brush or bar of soap and found that it was not in the position it appeared to be? What you are experiencing is the effect called refraction (the bending of a wave path, as of light or sound, at the boundary between two different mediums). When light enters the water (or any transparent material) it slows down slightly. If the light enters the water at an angle then this change in speed causes the light beam to bend away from its original path. And as we all know, this is called refraction.

Now let's think about a extremely simple experiment that allows us to see the effect of refraction on the path and orbit of Comet Ikeya Zhang that is nearing Earth April 8th to April 28th, 2002. This little one minute experiment could change your entire frame of reference!

Fill a glass 2/3 full of water or vodka.

Place a pencil in the glass holding it straight up and down (i.e. not at an angle). Do not drink more of the vodka. Notice that the pencil still appears straight when viewed through the side of the glass.

Now take the pencil and let it lean against the side of the glass. Now look through the glass at the pencil. Notice that it appears bent. This is the effect of refraction, or "bending of light".

So if "light is bent" when passing through a transparent material, does this mean that many things we see [especially in our ecliptic plane-line] are actually distorted, and not in the position that they appear to be. Yes or no??!!!!


On May 4th-6th, 2002, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, all fall into an almost straight line with the Earth. Jupiter nearly joins them too, but stands just a wee little ways off. Because the three dimensions of space are compressed into two when we look at the night sky, these five planets seem to be almost at the same point in the sky, three of them forming a spectacular cosmic triangle, a kind of "trinity".

The "dimensional compression" we are looking at also explains why the planets stay close to the ecliptic line in the "two-dimensional" night time sky [it is like looking at a photograph, and we can "draw a line on a flat piece of glossy black photographic paper," from one point [star or planet or comet] ... to another point, even though they are in three dimensions.

If comet orbits and paths and motion ARE REALLY IN FOUR DIMENSIONS, and the 4th co-efficient dimension is Time -- due to the time distorting variable in a Comet's motion [it travels in all four interrelated dimensions like a time traveling spaceship] -- then the path of a Comet includes a spiral movement in its path, and not the linear movement, that we seem to be observing in our 3-dimensions.

So the simple child-like comparison to a glass of water with a pencil either perpendicular or askew in the water glass, and the distortion, the "bent" refracted image, is quite helpful in understanding this fourth dimension time and motion. Thank you.

My question. If Comet Ikeya Zhang is "spiralling" into our ecliptic plane [and quite amusing to me that the comet passes through our ecliptic plane just when five planets are aligned so specially on this three dimensional ecliptic plane!] ... from exactly what "angle" is the comet coming in from "outside", in its fourth dimension, to create the visual distortion [refraction] that everyone is looking at?


Cassiopeia is one of the constellations that remains above the horizon in the North and circles the celestial pole. Stars that are always visible are called circumpolar stars and can never be seen in the opposite hemisphere. When these very recognizable stars are below the north celestial pole they form a "W" and when above it they form and "M." It is believed by many that the most interesting star in Cassiopeia is the star Gamma, it is a parasitic giant that changes in brightness as rings of gases are blown off during its feeding.

The Three Signs in the Sky

Why should this particular comet [the Christmas Comet] have caused the Magi to make their journey? It is suggested that a combination of three astronomical events was involved: the

triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 7 BC, the massing of three planets in 6 BC and finally the appearance of the comet in Capricornus in 5 BC.

Here above, we see 5 planets in a very rare conjunction, including Saturn and Jupiter, at the same time as the pass nearby of a comet near earth's position on the ecliptic of our solar system. Notice the spectacular triangle formed by Venus, Mars, and Saturn!

The most compact gathering of Venus, Mars and Saturn that will be visible in the western evening sky from May 3-10 this year [2002] is just one of only five such planet trios easily visible in a dark sky between the years 1980 and 2050. The best view, he says, will be during the evenings of May 5th and 6th, when these three planets form an eye-catching compact triangle.

The next time a tight planet trio will be seen in a dark sky will be in early August 2010, again involving Venus, Mars and Saturn.

The eighth century AD astrological world history 'On Conjunctions, Religions and Peoples' by Masha'allah was based on an earlier Babylonian theory that important religious and political changes are predicted by conjunctions of the planets Saturn and Jupiter. Thus Masha'allah used Iranian astronomical computations to claim that

the flood,

the birth of Christ and the birth of Muhammad were all predicted by conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in the appropriate astrological circumstances. Rosenberg, following the medieval Jewish writer Abarbanal, has explained how in

Magian astrology

the planet Saturn represented the divine Father and Jupiter was his son. The constellation Pisces was astrologically associated with Israel. Thus it is suggested that the astrological message of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in 7 BC was this: a Messiah-king will be born in Israel. The fact that the conjunction happened three times in 7 BC (in May, October and December) probably served to reinforce this message.

In addition, Abarbanal in 1497 claimed that there was a

conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in 1396 BC, three years before his assumed date of the birth of Moses.

Thus it is suggested that the 7 BC triple conjunction alerted the Magi to the coming of another Moses who would deliver his people: the Messiah.

Shortly after the triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 7 BC, Mars joined Jupiter and Saturn in the sky so that in February 6 BC the three planets (still in Pisces) were separated by only about eight degrees. There is a tradition that the massing of these three planets preceded the birth of Christ. In 1465 Jakob von Speyer, the Court Astronomer for Prince Frederic d'Urbino, asked Regiomontanus 'Given that the appearance of Christ is regarded as a consequence of the Grand Conjunction of the three superior planets, find the year of his birth', a question that Regiomontanus was unable to answer.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Computing Comes to Life

Commericial Human DNA-driven Computers

15 March 2002: Research funded by NASA has led to a crude DNA-based computer able to solve a logic problem, as reported in the journal Science this week. USC computer science professor Leonard Adleman showed in 1994 that DNA, the molecule that holds life's genetic code, could be used to find the shortest route among seven cities, a relatively simple problem. His new experiment solved a problem requiring the evaluation of more than one million possible solutions. In computer parlance, a DNA computer operates in parallel, with countless molecules shimmying around together at once. Commercial DNA computers are a long ways off, but Adleman says they "compute with extremely high energy-efficiency and store enormous quantities of information."

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